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4 Common Wallpaper Mistakes to Avoid

Wallpaper Mistakes to Avoid


When buying a wallpaper to set up at your place, you what it to bring new energy and make your home or office look fantastic. However, most people end up spoiling this art by making common mistakes that cost them more. Wallpapers bring you good energy and allow you to feel comfortable and relaxed. You don’t want to buy an expensive wallpaper art and tomorrow you regretting since it doesn’t reflect your personality. This is why you must have a good plan before buying and even when choosing the type of wallpaper.

 Sometimes you might desire a particular type of wallpaper, but it may not be ideal for your room. If you are planning on having the Marmalade Art, it’s essential to measure the space you want to set it to know the size you want. To be sure that the type of wallpaper art is suitable for your house, you can take a sample and try it on your house; this will give you an idea of how it looks. This article will explore the common wallpaper mistakes to avoid.

1. Underestimating and Overestimating the Quantity

Most people get lazy when it comes to measuring the actual size of the space that requires wallpaper. This mistake can cost you a lot if you order too many wallpapers than required. Most dealers don’t accept the goods back unless they are a reputable company. You can also assume the Quantity later you get stuck due to depletion of the wallpaper because of miscalculating.

 To calculate the Quantity of wallpaper required, you can consider using the online tool where you feed the dimensions of your room, and they calculate the amount of wallpaper you require. You can also measure from the ceiling to the floor and across each wall. Multiply to get the square of one wall and do that for the rest of the walls.

2. Mistake of Choosing the Wrong Scale of Pattern

When you rush to choose the pattern scale without researching and consulting, chances are you will make a mistake. To avoid such a mistake, it’s vital that you research the pattern you want and how it will impact your home. It would help if you considered a small-scale pattern and vice versa when searching for a smaller room.

3. Installing the Paper Wrong Way

When installing wallpaper, you need to research and learn how wallpapers are installed to avoid hanging them the wrong way. Try making the wallpaper match the eye lever to hide any imperfections in case there are. You can also use a plum[p line to ensure that the wallpaper fits correctly. Always start hanging your first drop of wallpaper form in the middle, then head to the corners. This helps to ensure the design is centralized.

4. Failure to Prepare the Walls

To better set the wallpaper, you need to prepare your walls beforehand. Most people fail to prepare the wall making it hard to stick the wallpaper and remove it when you shift. You can call for a professional to help you prepare the walls.

Wrapping Up:

It would help if you avoided the mistakes above to ensure your wallpaper looks fantastic. In case you are unsure of anything, consult with an expert.

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