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Bas Relief Art for Your Bedroom

Art for Your Bedroom


If you aren’t familiar with Bas Relief Art, you are in for a real treat. This is an amazing art form that, to the layman, is half 2D and half 3D sculpture. There’s something quite hypnotic about this art form because you immediately feel drawn into the scene, whatever it may be. When it comes to a wall hanging for a bedroom, there probably is no better choice simply because Bas Relief Art draws your attention and holds it, literally calming the body and mind. All this may sound a bit vague, so let’s look a little closer at just what this art form is, a bit of history, and then a word or two about placement in your bedroom.

One of the Oldest Artforms in Human History

According to archeologists who have excavated caves dating back to the dawn of human explorations, Bas Relief Art was evidenced in a primitive form some 30,000 years ago. There were figures and primitive scenes ‘etched’ into the stone walls of caves and these were found in various locations, but primarily in areas we now call the cradle of civilization. 

In later times, ancient Egyptians began carving Bas Relief into the exterior of “buildings” and from there the artform traveled throughout Europe where it became a popular style to decorate churches throughout the Middle Ages. To this day, Bas Relief Art is still a popular art form in Catholic churches and cathedrals around the world. In fact, the Stations of the Cross lining the outer aisles in many churches are fine representations of the Bas Relief technique in modern times. Throughout Lent, there is often a procession around the church as they pray the 14 Stations of the Cross etched into the walls.

What Exactly Is Bas Relief?

Above it was stated that many people view this technique as somewhere between two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. Today, you will find wall hangings that are images raised slightly above a flat background. It is a form of sculpture because the raised images are carved. It’s rather difficult to explain but it’s almost as if figures were trying to ‘push’ their way through a wall or screen. 

However, that’s what makes this form of art ideal for bedrooms. Because you get so captivated by the textures and almost surreal appearance of the figures, be they animate or inanimate, you are often lulled into a state of semi-meditation. Perhaps this is why so many churches choose Bas Relief because it lends itself well to a meditative, contemplative state of being.

Placement in Your Bedroom Is Important

When it comes to traditional paintings or artwork in the bedroom, you will often be advised to hang it on the wall at the head of the bed or directly across from the foot of the bed. However, with Bas Relief Art, it is better to place it where you can gaze on it as you are drifting off to sleep. Therefore, the best placement is on the wall you will be facing if you are a side sleeper. Most people find that one comfortable spot they lay in night after night, so make sure to hang your sculpture where you can keep your gaze fixed until you drift off to sleep.

There really is no better art form for the bedroom simply because it has a lulling appearance. It is not wild and busy like modern or abstract art. Art for the bedroom should be calming, and if there is one thing about Bas Relief Art, it does have a rather lulling, hypnotic effect.

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