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Six Tips To Prepare Your Heating and Cooling System For The Winter Season!

Heating and Cooling System For The Winter Season!


The first winter blasts are blowing through the United States as we speak, so it’s important for home and business owners to get on their game when it comes to preparing their heating and cooling systems for the upcoming winter season.

Although there are many things that people can do for these types of preparations, there are a handful of preparation tips that generally go a really long way no matter where you live. We’ve partnered up with the Northern Utah-based HVAC company called Beehive Heating & Air to develop this list of six tips to help prepare your heating and cooling system for winter, so take the below advice from the industry pros in that this is what you need to do before it’s too cold in your area!

Replacing Your Heating Unit’s Filter

This is always something that you should do during the fall and early-winter months, because it’ll save your HVAC system from a world of trouble when you’re going to need your heating system the most. Filters will collect all sorts of dirt and dust throughout the summer and fall months, and this type of filter congestion can end up being detrimental for the unit’s efficiency and functionality.

You’re going to want to be cleaning in clean air during the winter months, particularly because you’re going to be spending more time indoors.

Preparing Your System’s Registers & Vents

It’s also typically suggested to clean out the dust buildup within your system’s register and vents before you start using your heating system on a daily basis. This is important because it’ll help you clear away any unwanted debris that could contaminate your indoor air quality.

You should also do inspections to make sure that nothing is obstructing airflow throughout your system.

Removing Any Objects Near Your Heating And Cooling System

This can include just about any objects that may be located near your heater. It’s always crucial to remove objects that are located on top of your heater before you turn it on, and this can include common items like furniture, boxes, containers and so much more.

Your HVAC systems are a critical part of your home that you can’t delay repairs for. The infographic below can be helpful for knowing what other repairs are urgent vs noncritical.

Provided by Air Mechanical – heating and cooling services

These objects being located near your heating system will pose serious fire risks that are always best to be avoided so you can keep your family and household safe!

Covering Your Unit’s Condenser

It’s always a good idea to purchase a cover for your heating and cooling system’s AC condenser for the winter months when you’re not going to be using it. This will help go a long way towards preventing ice development and all sorts of damages posed by cold weather.

Turning Your Thermostat Up

It’s also a good idea to turn your thermostat up before you’re actually going to need your heating system, and this is because you should always test out your system to ensure that everything is running smoothly. It’s always a huge bummer when you find out that your heating system needs repairs during the middle of a winter storm.

You won’t necessarily need to run your heating system for too long before you actually need it, but be sure to run it long enough to know that it’s ready for the upcoming drops in outdoor temperatures!

Always Schedule A Routine Maintenance Appointment With Your Local HVAC Specialists

There’s also a lot that routine maintenance checkups can do for you and your home’s safety during the winter months. HVAC experts will always be able to tell when your unit is on the verge of serious complications, and maintenance checkups will keep you and your home in the best position for a safe and comfortable winter.

Reach Out To The Heating and Cooling Experts In Your Area To Learn More About Preparing Your Home For Winter!

Every home and business needs to take the winter months seriously from an HVAC standpoint, because it can be pretty brutal when you experience complications while the weather is extreme or very cold outside. Families will need to live outside the home until the repairs are done, and offices may have to go remote.

These are the types of issues that are best to be avoided at all costs, which is why the above tips will help you when it comes to preparing your residential or commercial property for the upcoming 2022-23 winter season!

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