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How To Clean The Vinyl Floor Of Our Kitchen?

Clean The Vinyl Floor


Next, we will expose a series of questions about how to clean vinyl flooring, keep it shiny by removing stains or scratches and what care we should give it to preserve it on the first day.

How to clean vinyl flooring?

We have always said that cleaning vinyl flooring for the kitchen (or any room) is very simple, and it is so; it is one of the most accessible coverings to keep clean.

The daily cleaning of this PVC syntasol is based on removing the dirt and dust daily with a brush or vacuum cleaner to prevent it from accumulating.

Weekly, we must also clean vinyl floors with a special soapy detergent for plastic floors and a slightly damp mop.

Remember that the mop must not be excessively wet since if we have separate joints, the water could enter and cause them to come unstuck over time.

We also recommend not using abrasive products or products unsuitable for this type of vinyl flooring, as we could damage or deteriorate them because it is a plastic material.

Vinyl floor care

Now, we are going to list a series of easy-to-apply tips to care for and extend the useful life of our vinyl floor:

⇒ Avoid dust and sand

It is essential to avoid introducing any dirt into our homes on the soles of our shoes so that they act as elements prone to scratching these PVC floors.

We recommend using any doormat or mat at the entrance to our homes to help us clean our shoes well and thus not access the rest of the rooms with these harmful particles on our floor. 

⇒ Sweep the floor daily

As we said before, it is vitally important to clean all the dirt that accumulates with a dustpan brush, mop or vacuum cleaner.

Keeping small elements such as pebbles on the floor could cause them to be stepped on several times and embedded in the vinyl planks or tiles.

Don’t feel like sweeping daily?

We advise you to use a robot vacuum cleaner daily that allows you to program a thorough cleaning without effort and with the total security of keeping the vinyl floor clean.

Robotic vacuum cleaners for vinyl flooring

It is super cheap, and with it, you will forget about having to sweep! It’s so boring sometimes.

⇒ Quickly clean up spilt liquids

 Don’t leave any spilt liquid on the vinyl tile for a long time. This way, you will avoid stains and discolourations that will be difficult to remove.

⇒ Clean vinyl floor with unique products

As we have said, no abrasive products or bleaches; use soapy floor cleaners with a neutral PH, cleaning vinegar or specific detergents for vinyl floors. 

⇒ Do not use polishing waxes

Most of these vinyl coverings are already prepared with non-slip materials, so if we try to shine with wax, we will instead create a skating rink which could cause a fall. In addition, the resin acts as an adhesive for the powder, and over time we will lose the colour. 

⇒ Protect it against scratches

If not necessary, do not move furniture or appliances that can cause scratches on the vinyl floor. If you have to do it, protect the legs of these elements with rubber or carry them on padded areas such as a carpet.

How to shine vinyl flooring?

To shine our vinyl floor without damaging it, we will need, for example, to use a mop with a unique spray product for PVC floors.

In this way, while we remove the dust, we will be applying a product that acts as floor polish.

We have also talked about detergents or soapy floor cleaners that will leave our sintasol looking like new and will also make it shine like the first day.

How to remove stains on vinyl flooring?

The time it takes to remove a stubborn stain on vinyl flooring successfully is crucial in some instances. You already know that although they are not sponges, these PVC floors are porous, and colours could easily adhere.

But don’t worry! We have the solution to all possible stains, and we will help you eliminate them.

1. Light stains:

we can frame egg stains, oil, food remains, and wine. Here wipe with a damp cloth with soapy cleaner or concentrated dishwashing gel. These stains will disappear without too much effort due to the degreasing effect.

2. Persistent stains:

we refer to a ballpoint pen, marker, fried tomato or blood stains, for example. In this case, apply diluted water with alcohol, nail polish remover, baking soda or bleach to the colour. Leave it on for a few minutes and clean everything with soap.

3. Severe stains:

for stains that do not disappear quickly, use the same products described above without diluting them in water and extend the application time. Remember that they are more abrasive, and we must be cautious to avoid damage. In extreme cases such as rust stains, we must clean them with an anti-rust sponge and rinse with soap and water.

How to remove scuffs or scratches from vinyl flooring?

We end by talking about one of the most complex issues but one that can be solved.

How can we repair minor damage to our vinyl floor?

This floor is quite resistant, so most cases are minor and can be reduced to small scratches (from rubber elements such as heels) or holes in our PVC coating.

Before starting to repair, remember to clean the damaged area very well to see the damage quickly. Subsequently, we will proceed to apply a specific sealant or wax for this type of repair.

We will proceed to fill the scratches or holes with this sealant, making sure that everything is completely covered, and we will let it dry before proceeding with the sanding.

There are coloured markers on the market to hide scratches and repair kits for vinyl floors. Do not forget to read the instructions very well before proceeding to repair your vinyl planks or tiles.

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