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Separating a room: the little guide to making two rooms out of a room!

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Arrival of a child, fed up with the studio, change of professional life… Different reasons may make you want to separate an existing room into two distinct rooms. A new space to invent and materialize according to your tastes and the configuration of your home. How to partition your interior space according to your needs? What questions should you ask yourself when you want to set up a separation?

How to delimit without losing brightness?

Before you get started, follow the guide to make sure you’ve asked yourself all the right questions and taken into account the best decorating ideas and ideas for inspiration. To your plans!

Create an additional room, yes, but what for?

The more you think about it in advance, the more likely your project will be successful. In order to make relevant construction and decoration choices, precisely define your need. What will this new piece be used for?

Some key questions to ask yourself before dividing your room in two You are teeming with planning and decoration ideas for this new room. However, do not forget that the range of possibilities depends on the existing configuration of your home. Before you dive into home decor magazines and browse the DIY departments, ask yourself a few essential questions.

Will your new room have a window? If not, what are the solutions to optimize the arrival of light? Is it possible to create an opening?

Does your need require you to create 2 totally separate rooms? Is a light
Is there an electricity and / or water supply in this room?To arrange a room in two distinct spaces, there are three main solutions: use a decoration trick to delimit the spaces, partition without partitioning using a light separator (panels, fencing, screen, curtain or others) and finally, make a real separation using partitions

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