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How to create a modern living room?

modern living room


All our advice for a contemporary room

Modernizing your current living room or fitting out your new living room from scratch can sometimes be quite a challenge. A real living room in the house, it must be tastefully designed. Find out how to create a modern living room!

How to create a modern living room?

1. Focus on space

The very first thing to consider is space. To create a modern living room, we put everything on the square. Circulation should be fluid and the room should not be cluttered . If you have a large living room, no problem for that. However, for smaller living rooms, it will be necessary to make work its ingenuity by arranging the room in an optimal and clever way. Visually, your living room should be lightened as much as possible.

2. A fireplace in the room

Another tip for a modern living room is the fireplace. Install a fireplace or stove in your living room to beautify the room and make it very warm. Place your sofa not far from this pleasant source of heat and you will have moments of relaxation and well-being during winter days or evenings!

3. A neat decoration

Inevitable, the decor must be neat in your new living room. And so that it could not be more contemporary, we focus on a refined decor and preferably timeless colors. We limit the trinkets, the wall decoration and we turn to a rather minimalist style .

4. A naturally bright living room

And yes, light is the key to modernity … Floor-to-ceiling windows are more and more coveted in modern interiors. And for good reason ! They facilitate the entry of light and give the room a space full of life. By day, bathed in pleasant light thanks to the rays of the sun, the living room becomes a real ode to relaxation …

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