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Queen Or King: Which Is The Best Option For Your Home?

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The size of the mattress is an important factor in purchasing a new mattress. It’s a matter of personal choice, space and budget. See the following to determine the right mattress size for you.


Perfect for smaller rooms, for couples who prefer to get together, for guest rooms and for people who sleep alone “star”.

Advantages :

  • 60 in x 80 in
  • The best-selling mattress size
  • Less expensive than a king-size mattress
  • More varied choice of sheets and bedding


  • Less personal space (9 ” less per person compared to sleeping alone in a double bed)

Very large


Perfect for couples who want to optimize sleeping space, for family beds or for cases where a pet has its own space on the mattress.

Advantages :

  • 76 ” x 80 ” (standard) / 72 ” x 84 ” (California style)
  • Provides optimal sleeping space (18 ” more than a queen bed)
  • Same as two long twin beds side by side
  • Two-part bed base for easy movement.


  • Too large for some rooms or for some passages
  • Bedding is more expensive
  • Requires three standard pillows or 2 extra large pillows

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