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Five Ways to Set Up Your Home Office In 2021

Home Office setup


In 2020, our small office area, which was occasionally used to pay a few bills, came to play an essential role in our home. It is no longer a primarily aesthetic place to quickly write a note, it is now a home office that must be functional and comfortable since we spend several hours a day. It needs good lighting, a comfortable chair, storage and also… an attractive background for Zoom meetings.

We’ve put together five ways to better set up your home office in 2021:

1. Plants galore.

The green trend, which has colored our lives for a few years now, continues into 2021. Not only do plants add life and clean the air, but being surrounded by greenery has been shown to improve mood. . Choose an original pot or flowerpot. Or, jump into another hot trend, macrame, and make a cute planter to hang.

2. Well lit and well seated.

There are two things that are going to stay with you long after you stop working… your eyesight and your posture. Lighting plays an important role in productivity, so make sure you have plenty of natural light entering the room and use lamps to add ambiance and adequate lighting for work. You also need to think about your posture and make sure you sit well for your work day. Make sure you have a suitable office chair that offers comfort and ergonomics. If space allows, add another seating position in your office, such as an easy chair or easy chair (with adequate lighting) for reading or other tasks that do not require you to be in front of your desk. computer at your desk.

3. Color for your mood.

How should you concentrate during your work day? Do you need a vibrant color to energize you or a calming color that will help you create calmly? Whether you are looking for a warm, comforting color or the luminous glow of a rich hue, you will find what you need for your office in the color trends of 2021. Like most home offices are not very tall, this is the perfect place to try out some bold new color combinations and test out the maximalist trend seen for some time.

4. Professional and personal background for your Zoom meetings

Our love of art will not leave us in 2021 and this trend is only growing as we try to support local artists and manufacturers. In 2021, home offices are transforming with a good dose of daring to accommodate meetings on Zoom. We see large format abstract canvases and impressive murals making a splash in “virtually” every meeting in 2021. We want to find ways to express ourselves and add some personality to the continuous flow of video conferencing, and this is why the importance given to a professional, but personal decor, will continue.

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