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6 Neat DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas To Make It Stylish

Bathroom Decor


Your bathroom is one of the most important places in your home where you start your day and end. It is a room where you feel comfortable and get relaxation. Even if you feel some private moment or meet with yourself, you get that space here only. If you want to make this space more inviting by decorating it in a personalized way, add some neat DIY bathroom decor.

You don’t need lots of money to give it a special touch and impact. You can make it more stylish with a simple makeover.

Here are 6 neat DIY bathroom decor ideas to inspire you to get a cool and beautifully decorated bathroom:

1. Mason Jar Storage

If you want to add some beautiful storage to your bathroom, consider mason jar storage. It is a perfect DIY bathroom decor that gives an elegant look to your bathroom. You can store stuff like cotton balls, Q-tips, makeup brushes, and other small items. And you can use them whenever you need to use them. Create a rustic look and paint the lids with chalkboard paint and label each jar with a chalk marker. It looks fabulous. You can also hang the jar on the walls with the help of a pipe clamp and screw.

2. DIY Towel Rack

This is another pretty way to make your bathroom more inviting. You can arrange towel racks that are an essential part of your bathroom and an attractive bathroom decor too. You can also design a towel rack using materials like wood, metal, or PVC pipe. To give a different look, use a wooden pallet or driftwood and add hooks or knobs to the rack for extra storage space.

3. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

This is a fantastic way to decorate your bathroom. You can make a soap dispenser. To makeover your bathroom in this way, you can buy a pump dispenser and turn the plastic bottle with a mason jar. To make a close-knit look, you try the same jars you used for storage. You can also label the jar with the kind of soap it contains.

4. DIY Bathroom Shelves

If you want some extra storage space in your bathroom, you make these shelves. For this, you can use materials like wood, metal, or PVC pipe to create a customized shelf. You can also utilize decorative brackets or hooks to add some style. The shelves facilitate you to hold linens, toiletries, and decorative objects.

5. Painted Mason Jar Vases

Use mason jar vases to add some greenery to your bathroom. Paint the jars with chalk paint or spray paint in a color that admires your décor. You can then put some fresh flowers or greenery in the jars. You can try the same color for all the jars to make them a gorgeous look. So, it is also one of the best ideas to decorate your bathroom gracefully.

6. DIY Bathroom Wall Art

Wall art is an amazing bathroom decor idea to add spice to the bathroom. You can make your own wall art using objects like canvas, wood, or paper. You can also use stencils or decals to add a design to the art. To add a design to the work, you may also use stencils or decals. The artwork can then be mounted on the wall using command strips or picture hangers.


These 6 neat bathroom decor ideas are a great way to enhance the look of your bathroom. They are simple and affordable to do. You can give your bathroom a vibrant look using these ideas.

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