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5 Tempting Eclectic Home Décor Ideas

Eclectic Home Décor Ideas


If you have ever asked why the eclectic-style décor is so tempting and the go-to choice for many homeowners, the secret is hidden just in its unpretentious nature.

Not only is it a great way to fill your home with personality, but you can also easily achieve a unique, visually exciting, yet cohesive look that will impress anyone.

So, let’s explore some of the 5 most tempting eclectic home décor ideas!

Mix and match different patterns

This is the hallmark of the eclectic style, where different patterns are purposefully combined.

Rest assured that the entire process is much easier than you think.

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be a mishmash of things but a crisp yet mellow combination of decoration items that add life! And one more thing: It’s YOU, curated amongst the walls of your dwelling.

The trick to effectively mixing patterns is to select 2-3 different types, for using the same ones will confuse the eye. That will create a fresh, visually unique design with clear contrast.

Also, you must consider your room a blank canvas whenever you start an eclectic design project.

Because it’s so tricky to achieve, the eclectic style goes well only with a neutral background.

Since the design elements will be engaging and textured, it’s best to leave the walls painted in neutral tones, like white, off-white or grey.

This will make the focus on the design elements while relieving the eyes and avoiding an overwhelming feeling.

Mismatch furniture and express your refined taste

Even if mismatched furniture is the most common symbol of eclectic design, it can be hard to turn it into a modern yet streamlined look.

For example, an eclectic spirit in your dining room could be achieved while pairing differently styled and coloured chairs. Scandinavian dining chairs, rustic benches, vintage natural wood chairs, etc.

The secret to a more balanced combination is to unite them around colours or materials. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice organisation for variety– always try to seek balance and symmetry.

Because eclectic style is a busy and energising way to spruce up your home, you need to create balance through neutral elements like wood, stones and eco-friendly materials.

If you purchase, upholster or re-paint them in green, red, yellow or blue, they all will go well with a natural wood nuance.

This is a perfect way to embrace the “so eclectic” contrasting styles and the combination of vintage and modern.

Make use of colour or add a centrepiece

Another way to keep the décor line is to choose a common décor item or colour and turn it into an accent piece.

Likewise, opt for a monochromatic colour scheme to balance between different styles. Add a sisal or jute rug to achieve a more ocean-like ambience that’s timeless and hard to beat.

Plus, when you mix and match pieces of furniture like sofas and chairs, you can do it harmoniously if you choose one type of dominating upholstery fabric.

The eclectic style needs balance through linking elements: you can connect different furniture, design elements and artwork through colour repetition.

The easiest way is to throw some cushions at the end of the couch to tie all style aspects in one.

An even number of pillows will be an excellent choice for a pleasant asymmetry place and won’t clutter the sofa. But make sure they accentuate the other contrasting items’ colours, patterns or fabrics to keep unity in the arrangement.

You can also hang curtains from neutral or the same upholstery colour to complement the look and seek a balance between the crispy look and cosiness.

Create a YOU-centric décor

If you want to stamp your personal attitude in your home, the eclectic style is the way to showcase everything you love.

However, don’t mistake this for “anything goes.”

Put some kind of a limit to the number of contrasting styles in a single room to avoid the end result feeling too random. If there’s an abrupt change of styles from one room to another, your space will look and feel disjointed–aim for consistency through and through!

Start from hobby crafts, journey souvenirs, bold sentimental decorative items and work achievements, if you like, and sprinkle this attitude into your décor. Don’t hesitate to add a few plants since they fit the eclectic home design style well.

These eye-catching elements won’t only beautify every piece of furniture but also will make a big statement everywhere you put them.

The eclectic style combines periods and styles, so the idea is to curate an ever-on-trend gallery wall with photos of you and your beloved ones.

It would be a great decorating essential for an ample and unfilled space that can add a personal eclectic twist to the classic or minimalistic style.

Use art and collectables

Another integral part of eclectic home design is using art and collectables, which add a personal and unique touch to a space.

Not only that, but when you combine both, you can achieve a visual aesthetic and cohesive look that portrays a diverse range of styles and eras coexisting in the same space.

Since art’s versatility is endless, you can mix contemporary art with vintage or traditional craftwork to achieve a dynamic and visually exciting yet personal effect.

If you add collectables in the mix, even better. That’s when you can really show your personal taste and personality.

You can even arrange or display them so that they tell a visually exciting story that dazzles and stimulates the senses of anyone who visits. And if you need any help with the installation, say with wall mounting, you can always hire a Guildford handyman.

All in all, the possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.


Now that you have some excellent ideas about eclectic décor, it’s time to turn your vision into reality.

Choose the things that speak the most to you, fine-tune them, and create a décor that makes your home feel unique and personal.

And one last thing, don’t forget to celebrate when you do!

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