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Dining Chair Selection: 5 Easy Steps

Dining Chair


The saying goes that ‘life happens in a dining room’, and it’s no surprise. From lazy breakfasts to family meals, endless gossip, and table games, the dining room is where the home is most alive. You can create a dining set that matches your family’s style and your home’s design sense by following these steps.

Interior experts view matching chairs and tables as boring and predictable. There are a lot of chairs out there that you can mix and match in modern homes and global trends. More options mean more confusion, right? Luckily, we have five easy steps you can follow to make your decision easier.

The importance of comfort

A chair’s comfort is often overlooked because we are so concerned with its looks and design. Not every chair that looks good sits well.

What is the best way to find ergonomically sound chairs?

  • Dining chairs are wide at their widest point – the backrest or seats
  • It is comfortable to sit in armless dining chairs if they are 24 inches deep and 22 inches wide
  • The best size is 17 inches by 20 inches or larger
  • Having chair arms takes up 6 more inches of space. If this cannot be accommodated, it is best to avoid limited spaces.

In addition to providing comfort to old people, sick people, pregnant women, and children, armchairs at the dining table are important. Because there needs to be movement in the dining room, purchase chairs that can slide under the table. For relaxed seating and plenty of legroom, there should be a gap of at least 12 inches between the chair and the tabletop.

2. Changing lifestyles

You choose dining furniture to reflect your lifestyle, and your dining furniture reflects your lifestyle as well. Are you a frequent host of large gatherings? And if so, are they casual laid-back dinners with close friends and family or more formal events? Before you start shopping for wholesale dining chairs, consider how they will be used.

A low-back chair is perfect for a casual setting, while a high-back one is perfect for a formal setting. Open-backed chairs make an impression of space and are ideal for smaller dining areas. A large, well-defined chair that takes up a lot of floor space looks better in a spacious dining area. To cater to different requirements, you could purchase two large, extravagant chairs for both ends of the table and simple side chairs that give it a semi-formal feel.

In addition, think about whether you want a contemporary or traditional design.

3. The possibilities are endless

We have mentioned before that matchy-matchy dining chairs and tables are no longer in style. Dining chairs that play on color and senses look much better than exact matches. If you want to achieve this, find a common thread when choosing your chairs. There must be something that unites the chairs and makes them cohesive, whether it’s a design, a material, a color, or a shape.

You can, for instance, choose different chair designs in a particular colour if you love that color. You can also choose chairs in the same design but different shades (that go well together, of course) if you fall in love with a chair design. The backrest, upholstery, and other add-ons can always be mixed and matched to achieve a cohesive look.

4. The ability to move easily

If you are entertaining guests in the living area, in your home office or just using the table for other tasks, you need dining chairs that move around. It is best to grip slat back or plastic molded chairs when moving them around, they are good for pets and children, and they are versatile.

5. Maintaining is more important than looking good

A material’s maintenance and appearance are very important. Natural materials, such as rattan and cane, lend a tropical summery feel and are very much in style right now, too. If you’re looking for an industrial feel, metal is perfect. Wood is a classic- it’s inviting and warm. Plastic is a functional material, especially for rough use, and is usually fairly inexpensive. It is important not to lose sight of the fact that each of these materials has its own maintenance requirements when selecting furniture.

  • It is expected that you will be cleaning the chairs frequently if you have pets or kids at home. For such cases, it is better to choose chairs with minimal fabric. It is expected that you will be cleaning the chairs frequently if you have pets or kids at home. For such cases, it is better to choose chairs with minimal fabric.
  • A leather and cotton blend is an easy-to-clean material, looks good, and is affordable when it comes to materials. If you expect messy paws and little hands all over your dining chairs, medium to dark coloured fabrics work best for them. Lace and velvet should be used as slipcovers and can be washed and reused.

In addition to these factors, are there any other factors that may influence your choice of dining chairs? What other factors do you consider when shopping for dining chairs? Share them below. Get in touch with us at Hospitality furniture wholesale today if you need help choosing dining chairs or home interiors.

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