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3 Waterproof Outdoor Storage Ideas

Waterproof Outdoor Storage


If you live somewhere where wet weather is prevalent, or you’re in the middle of a seasonal change, wet weather can be a very welcome sight. Whether you love the rain or just tolerate it, there are things you need to do when you see a rainstorm in the forecast. You might need to bring in toys, furniture, cushions, drain the pool a little, and more. As you’re getting your backyard ready, you might be wondering, what are my waterproof storage options? Here are three great ideas for waterproof outdoor storage.

1. Storage Sheds

It’s no secret that people don’t love their items getting wet. This can sometimes mean ruined sporting equipment, damaged toys, or needing to replace some outdoor cushions. That’s where a storage shed can be very handy. A storage shed is the ultimate way to keep everything dry and safe from the wind, rain, hail, snow, and even too much sunlight.

A storage shed can be placed in your yard which makes it way more convenient than storing items in the garage or in your house. You can also set up a top-notch shed organization system with plastic bins, shelving, and labels. So, if you’re in a hurry, you can just toss everything in. However, if you have a few minutes, you’ll be able to dry off your items and place them carefully in the correct bin. That way nothing gets lost, and items will be double-protected from the elements.

2. Deck Boxes

If you don’t have room for a storage shed, a deck box is a great place to store items. If you get a deck box from, you’ll be getting a weather-resistant, sturdy, and easy-to-maintain deck box. It won’t rot, peel, or rust, yet many of their deck boxes have a beautiful wood-like look. So, you can have the aesthetic you’d like while keeping your items safe from the elements. 

To organize your deck box, make sure everything you’re putting in it is dry before storing anything. You can organize the larger deck boxes with small plastic bins and labels if you like. However, deck boxes have been made to be more of a catchall than a shed which should probably be a little more on the organized side.

3. Storage Bench

If you’re looking for a waterproof outdoor storage solution that doesn’t even look like storage, look no further than a storage bench. A storage bench is a wonderful way to stow away all of your smaller items so they don’t get wet or blow away. Before storing, of course, make sure everything is dry, then simply open the bench and put the items inside. If you end up needing seating, the bench will create a lovely and comfortable place to sit while keeping your items safe and sound. 

No matter how you decide to utilize their outdoor storage solutions, just know you have options. The sheds and deck boxes come in a large array of sizes, colors, and styles. So, you’re sure to find something that will work with your yard’s aesthetic.

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