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Why is Jogeshwari One of the Ideal Locations for the Best ROI?

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Jogeshwari is a very big locality, which has nice and beautiful surroundings and is home to some of the biggest and poshest residential apartment buildings in all of Maharashtra. Jogeshwari is divided into Western and Eastern suburbs, and both are equally astounding in terms of social and physical infrastructure.

If you are planning on investing in the real estate of Jogeshwari, then you will evidently be acquiring high ROI in the long run. Do you want to know how?

Well, this article is all about giving you an insight into how Jogeshwari is one of the best locations for you to invest and expect better ROI.

Price Appreciation in the Last 5 Years

Jogeshwari East and West region have witnessed a lot of developments, which have contributed towards their consistent appreciation of property pricing. The average pricing per sq. ft. for properties in Jogeshwari West is Rs. 20,000, whereas, for Jogeshwari East, it is Rs. 25,850.

As per the pricing, trends are concerned, the average property pricing in Jogeshwari East has seen an appreciation of around 16% in the last five years. Following that, the 5-year appreciation rate for the pricing average of properties in Jogeshwari West is around 11%.

Thus, it concludes that holding onto your real estate investments for at least five or more years in Jogeshwari will reap a high return on investment, undoubtedly. Moreover, this appreciation rate is optimally higher in comparison to a lot of other known localities of Mumbai.

But, the best thing is that the property developers have considered introducing low budget flats in Jogeshwari East as well. In this way, people who have limited budgets can also be part of the thriving price appreciation of the locality.

Great Rental Yields for Your Consistent Passive Income

The average monthly rental pricing for properties in Jogeshwari East is around Rs. 57,000, and for Jogeshwari West, it is Rs. 46,000. The rental yield is quite outstanding in both Eastern and Western suburbs, making the entire locality a lucrative option for you to invest in its real estate.

If you have plans on earning passive income throughout your life at a good increasing scale, then Jogeshwari is the right place to put your money in. Jogeshwari 1 BHK flat price, as per rental considerations, has seen a stupendous hike over the past few years, as it is the most demanding configuration when rental stays are concerned. And the trends are the same for 2 & 3 BHK properties as well.

Great Social and Physical Infrastructure

The infrastructure development pace is never going to stop around Jogeshwari. Considering it has the best educational institutions, healthcare facilities, entertainment centres and recreational facilities, more and more commercial and residential property developers are keen on building their lavish properties around this site.

Seeing the rise in population and real estate demand, various retail businesses are keen on opening their stores and outlets around the locality. Thus, social and physical infrastructure are working in collaboration with the real estate trends to escalate the investment potential of Jogeshwari.


So, if you have plans on buying a property in Mumbai, seeking a good return on investment in the long run, then Jogeshwari has the right stats for you to count on. The pricing trends have been escalating steadily for the locality for a long time now. And this pace will continue for an indefinite period of time.

Irrespective of whether you are looking for high or low budget flats in Jogeshwari East or West, Blox can help you find the right option as per your preferences. Blox is a property search engine to filter your preferences and see only the relevant property options, separated from the unwanted clutters!

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