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What You Should Do When Checking in A Hotel

Checking in A Hotel


One of the greatest feelings is arriving at your designated hotel room after long traveling hours. The most crucial thing for safe travel is always staying aware, but this can be hard in unfamiliar territories.

This article will discuss all you need to do when checking into a hotel. Almost every hotel has a luxury interior design that makes your trip worthwhile.

1. Ensure the Door is Lockable

This sounds like a no-brainer but should be considered since most travelers assume the door locks automatically after leaving. Hotel doors experience a malfunction, leaving the door open,and exposing your items.

It is also advisable to ensure the door is lockable to prevent people from accessing it when you are asleep.

2. Know the Escape Route

Take time to look at the map at the hotel’s back-room door to know the escape route in case of an emergency. These maps are a legal necessity and will save your life at that crucial moment. We have had disasters lately that have shown the importance of having a plan before an emergency occurs.

Ensure you agree on a certain meeting place when traveling with your family if an emergency separates you.

3. Check the Towels and Sheets

It is advisable to check hotel towels and sheets before retiring to bed to ensure they are in the correct state. During this check-up, look for hairs or stains that indicate the sheets were not cleaned.

4. Clean the TV Remote

A study has shown that the remote is among the dirtiest items in a hotel, and it is right up there with the toilet. It will help to clean the remote using the following tips before you begin your vacation;

  • Use wipes since they clean bacteria quickly
  • Fill your sink with soapy and hot water
  • Put a face cloth in the sink
  • Wring the face cloth well
  • Wipe down all remote surfaces.

This does not only apply to a remote. Clean any frequently-used surface like the switch or doorknob. This cleaning keeps you safe from flu or cold from the previous guest.

5. Make Sure There are No Hidden Cameras

There is an increasingly annoying trend of secret cameras in hotel accommodations. This is mainly common in Airbnb’s, but can also happen in hotels. These hidden cameras resemble things like a wall charger or smoke detectors, and you should be on the lookout always.

The following tips will help you detect a hidden camera;

  • Many smoke detectors in a room
  • Smoke detectors in the washrooms
  • Oddly placed gadgets and decorations
  • Wires or red lights.

Hidden cameras can be small and challenging to detect, meaning you should be keen.

6. Use the Hotel Safe

Ensure you keep your valuable items in the hotel room safe to prevent unwanted theft. These items include passports, wallets, jewelry, and electronics.

Final Thoughts

Trying different countries and hotel rooms is at the top of everybody’s wishlist, and this experience is not complete if you do not know how to look after yourself in your hotel room. The above article has discussed what to consider when checking in, and you can reach out for more information.

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