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What to do When AC Not Blowing Cold Air but Running?

AC Not Blowing


When individuals have a running compressor, but their AC unit is not producing cool air, there are a number of potential reasons that can cause this issue. The first areas that should be looked into and cleared can be completed quickly and easily.

These are simple fixes that need to be accessible to any property owners. Other DIY options are also readily available to them, with more advanced handy house maintenance skills. If these options are already exhausted, there is a good chance that it is time to bring in a reputable Heating, Ventilation, and AC professional technician to diagnose further what they need to do when their system is running but not working properly.

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Easy and quick fixes

Before people assume the worst, they need to run through this easy and quick list of common sources of breakdowns that usually decrease AC efficiency. They should be able to run through the list pretty quickly. Before start checking the things listed below, individuals need to make sure they do the following things to help make their diagnostic process a lot easier.

  • Make sure that doors and windows are properly closed
  • Make sure the return and supply vents are unobstructed and open
  • Make sure that the thermostat is set to cool, as well as turned down below the room temp
  • Make sure that the house has humidifiers turned off

Some systems may even have a reset button on the outdoor unit close the refrigerant line. If property owners can find this button, they can push it. Sometimes a quick and simple system reset can fix the problem.

Basic maintenance

Scheduled and regular maintenance will help increase the cooling output and energy efficiency of the AC. A poorly running Heating, Ventilation, and AC system can significantly increase the property’s electric bill while also failing to keep people cool in during the summertime.

Caring for, as well as cleaning the HVAC system will also minimize the likelihood of expensive replacements and repairs. It will allow the unit to work at its optimum peak in the background without homeowners even noticing. Inspecting and cleaning the device pieces should be done at least every other month, and more often if individuals have thicker filters or during the summertime when the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition system is working overtime.

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Keeping it as part of the regular HVAC maintenance will make sure max performance, less maintenance and repair costs, as well a longer lifespan for the product. If all of these items are long overdue, performing these tasks can maximize the cooling and heating efficiency of the system by up to twenty-five percent. Suppose the homeowner is not able to incorporate this into their household routine.

In that case, they need to consider hiring a reputable licensed Heating, Ventilation, and AC professional to regularly maintain and service the unit for them. If individuals decide to address the problem on their own, there are some areas of the system that they need to check, as well as maintenance tasks they need to complete. Make sure to address:

Clean HVAC interiors

Clean out the evaporator, coil, filters, and condenser. If these are clogged and dirty by debris, air flow in the unit may be restricted. It can severely affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the system as a whole. Over time, it can lead to overworked, damaged, and overheated compressors. It can result in costly repairs and needs replacement of the system altogether.

Check electrical wire systems

Nearly 85% of all Heating, Ventilation, and AC repairs stem from electrical issues and the reason why air conditioner are running but not blowing cold air properly. Individuals need to ensure they check every wire in the unit, especially wires connected to the outlet. If they have tripped breakers or blown fuses, it is an excellent time to bring in a professional electrician.

Clean filters

The next thing people need to do is to clean filters. These things are located in the air handler cabinet. It will be easily accessible from the front door. Property owners should consider investing in washable filters. High-quality filters may last them more or less fifteen years, which should last them through the full lifespan of their AC unit. If they see ice around the unit’s coils, finish cleaning or replacing the filter, close it and turn it back on.

Ice is a pretty common sight when it comes to excessive diminished airflow. It can also inhibit the evaporator coil from functioning properly. Once the airflow is established, it will melt within a couple of hours. This may result in a considerable increase in the unit’s cooling capacity.

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