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What Are Property Valuers? How To Become One?

Property Valuers


A property valuer is a real estate expert who assists in determining the worth of a piece of land or structure. A property valuer assists clients who are looking to refinance their homes in order to lower their mortgage rates.

By HomeLight Homes

They usually offer pre-sale advice to landlords or property owners who want to know how much their property is worth before selling it.

They can also help customers in determining the worth of land they are considering purchasing as well as whether portions of their home require insurance. You can try McLean Gladstone Valuers insurance valuations for a reliable determining the value of your property.

Let us now see the key responsibilities of property valuer:

  1. Take photos of a property’s exterior as well as inside for later evaluation and inclusion in their report.
  2. Measure the property’s outside and inside.
  3. Examine the outside of the house for any potential problems or structural difficulties, such as a leaking roof, a broken window, peeling paint, or termite damage.
  4. Examine the property’s interior to determine the number of rooms, bathrooms, and amenities such as updated kitchen appliances, a fireplace, modern light fixtures, and hardwood floors.
  5. Compare the property’s selling price to that of comparable nearby structures.
  6. Make a report based on the notes and images you took on the site.

These were some of the responsibilities that you would have to take care of in case you are planning to become one in the near future. Let us now have a look at how can one become a property valuer, the required education, and qualifications:

Get a bachelor’s degree first:

Property valuers are required by most states to have a four-year bachelor’s degree from a university or college. Most people who want to be property valuers or real estate agents study finance, economics, business, or marketing.

Investigate and fulfill specified state criteria:

Property valuers who desire to work in a specific state should research the regulations for that state. To advance further in the process of becoming a registered property valuer, they will need to attend additional courses given by their state’s licensing board.

Exam for Residential Real Estate Appraiser:

After completing all of the prerequisites, a candidate must take the Residential Real Property Appraiser Exam. The state licensing board normally administers these exams, which cover a variety of topics such as legal issues and real estate math.

Last step:

Submit an application for a license to the state’s board of real estate appraisers.

After passing the exam, a candidate must file an application to a state’s appraisers board to get their license and begin working as a property valuer.

Personal requirements for a Valuer:

Now not just the legal and official requirements, but just like any other field, your attitude, nature, behavior, and the way you carry yourself matter a lot in this field too. Take a note of the following points inculcating the personal requirements for being a property valuer:

  1. Good character and reputation:
  2. Good communication skills:
  3. Reasonable ability in mathematics:
  4. Sound judgment and good analytical skills:

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