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The Perks of Custom Neon Lighting

custom design neon LED sign at myNeon


Everyone knows how important it is to have a strong brand, and even more, people understand that every company should have its website. And it’s all true, as well.

However, have you given any consideration to the image you want to project for your company? What will you do to make your store stand out from the crowd, particularly in a shopping centre or a big box retailer? That’s precisely whacustom design neon LED sign at my Neon can achieve.

People are clamouring to get a piece of the neon-coloured business signage action. Using bespoke lighting on your company signage has a number of additional benefits outside just brightening up your store’s appearance.


Signs with a splash of colour may be created with custom lighting. With all the flashing lights, your company will be more noticeable. Using this signage is a great way for new businesses to get their name and be noticed.


Because bespoke lighting enables you to design your business signage as you see appropriate, it is one of the critical advantages of employing this kind of lighting. This is because there is a great deal of room for personalization.

A company that specialises in commercial sign design and installation may assist you in creating a sign that accurately reflects your company’s identity.


Neo is the fifth most common chemical element after hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and carbon. Neon business signs may be made for a fraction of their former cost because of the abundant supply.

As a result, the neon electrodes used to make these signs do not heat up while in use. As a result, no electrical energy is lost since it is turned into light energy.

The typical neon sign consumes 90 watts of power an hour, yet a toaster in your kitchen might use up to 900 watts of electricity. This means that specialised lighting for businesses is very cost-effective.


Installing and maintaining high-quality signage may extend its useful life from 10 to 12 years. Traditional light bulbs contain filaments that eventually burn out, whereas neon electrodes don’t. This suggests that they don’t need to be changed and have a low maintenance need.

As a result, neon bespoke lighting is more cost-effective in the long run than other lighting alternatives.


 Businesses have used neon signs to promote their goods. Neon signs have long been a staple of local brand awareness efforts for major corporations, and as a result, customers are accustomed to paying attention to them.

Customers use neon signs to see whether the company is still open or if the business is conducting a special deal. As a result, they’ll keep an eye out for any flashing indicators. Your company signage’s bespoke lighting will assist you to do just that by bringing in new clients.

Because they may be used at night, they are number six on our list.

Even at night, neon signage makes it easier for customers to see and recognize your company. In fact, neon signs are more visible at night because of their flashing lights, which means that your signage will be seen even if it’s dark.

Neon lights are a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for illuminating your business sign, especially when it comes to installation and care.

These were some amazing advantages of custom design neon LED sign at my Neon.

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