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The Most Common Misconception About Attic Ventilation

About Attic Ventilation


Is your attic ventilated properly?

Are you sure?

Your roof’s lifespan is directly affected by your attic ventilation. If your attic ventilation system is not working properly or isn’t the right one, it could be costly. It is important to know the basics of attic ventilation.

Today we will be discussing the most common myths surrounding attic ventilation. This will allow you to better understand the basics of your attic ventilation system.

Myth 1: Attic Vents are Only Required in Hot Climates

It is not true. For proper attic ventilation in all climates, as well as energy efficiency and the prevention of condensation and moisture buildup in the attic, attic ventilation is essential. Although it is true that attic ventilation can be a big benefit for homes in Florida, there are many benefits to homes throughout the country.

Myth 2: Attic Vents Take Warm Air Out of the Winter

It’s easy to see why people might believe this. But it isn’t true. The heat rises to your attic and then escapes through the vents. If your home doesn’t have adequate insulation, or if it has degraded insulation, warm moist air can seep into your attic. This isn’t because your vents aren’t removing warm air; it’s because the insulation isn’t doing its job.

Myth 3: The Better, the More Attic Ventilation.

Nope! It’s not true. Attic ventilation is a matter of size. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that more is better. The balance is the key to the attic ventilation. It is not about the size. Your home’s size must be taken into consideration when determining the attic ventilation balance. This means that your attic insulation should have enough air intake to allow for exhaust. These factors will vary depending on the size of your attic and its slope.

Myth 4: All Attic Ventilation is Equal

It’s not true. It’s true, though. Some roof vents are not effective at venting your attic. Most roofing experts agree ridge vents work best for venting attic heat. If the roof ventilation system does not have any baffles (which are blinders that prevent the outside air from passing over the vent), the ridge vent won’t be venting much, or anything at all. Similar rules apply to other types of attic venting. For the attic ventilation systems to function properly, they must have both ridge vents and baffles.

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