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The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Importance of Roof Maintenance


Roof maintenance is something millions of homeowners do each year. Many times this is more than making simple roof repairs; it’s more about replacing the whole roof. Regardless of why you need to replace your roof, there are several tips you should remember so that you can extend your roof’s lifespan.

Make it a routine to check your shingles.

This is the most important part of roof maintenance, especially after high winds or a bad storm. Don’t bother climbing a ladder, instead get out a good pair of binoculars to check for:

  • Missing granules
  • Cracked, curling, or missing shingles
  • Peeling flashing

If you notice any of these signs of damage, make sure you hire a professional roofing contractor to fix them right away.

Look up at your attic and ceiling to see if there are any leaks.

Water stains are another sign that your home needs roof repair. Therefore you should make it a habit of checking your ceilings and attic frequently so you can head off any serious issues simply by performing some simple roof maintenance. Some common warning signs of leaks include:

  • A musty odor
  • Bulging patches on your home’s interior walls
  • Spots on your home’s exterior walls

Once you notice these things, you should take a few minutes to locate the leak before calling a professional to patch the hole.

Hire someone to clean your gutters and trim your trees.

When many people think about roof maintenance, they don’t think about their gutters and the trees hanging over them, resulting in the need for roof repairs. However, your roofing checklist wouldn’t be complete without this tip.

When your gutters are clogged, it’s easy for water to seep underneath your roof. To prevent this from happening, you should clean them out twice a year (spring and fall). While you’re at it, take a moment to look at any tree branches that are surrounding your roof. These can be problematic for a few reasons, but the most obvious is the risk of having them fall on your roof during severe weather. This is also a good way to stop eaves from piling on top of your shingles, where they’ll absorb moisture and cause you to need even more roof repair work. To prevent these things from happening, you’ll want to cut off any large branches that are located directly above your roof.

Have a Professional Inspect Your Roof

While you may think that you can do the things on your roof maintenance checklist yourself, you should hire a professional to take care of them for you. They can spot any problems that you may otherwise miss and offer you some invaluable advice for maintaining your roof. Additionally, they can provide you with an estimate regarding how many more years you should expect your roof to last before needing roof repair work done. For this, you can reach out to us at Avatar Roofing in Tampa, FL. Our roofing experts will quickly and conveniently provide you with a roof that’ll last for years to come. Contact us today.

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