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The Importance of Finding a Reputable Fencing Contractor

Reputable Fencing Contractor



If you’re planning to build a new fence or upgrade an existing one, you have two options. You can either do it yourself or hire a reputable fencing contractor for the job. You can search for a “fencing company near me” and hire professionals for the job. Let’s figure out the importance of finding a reputable fencing contractor.

The Details

1. They are affordable

If you’re building the classic ornamental white picket fence, you can do it by watching a few YouTube videos and with a few regular tools from the garage. However, if you want to build a privacy fence, security fence, or a fence that requires more complex work, there would be large financial barriers before you.

Even if you are able to bridge the gap of technical knowledge of constructing a complex fence by going through hundreds of hours of tutorial videos and scrolling through DIY forums, you may not have the heavy equipment required for the job. That means you’ll need to spend a lot of money renting the equipment.

Reputed contractors who have been in the business for a few years buy all their equipment and are able to divide up the cost of that equipment across hundreds of jobs. They also get better rates for materials since they can afford to buy in bulk. This keeps costs down and allows the contractor to give you an affordable rate while maintaining profit margins. Instead, if you try to do such fencing work alone, it’s highly probable that you’ll spend more on the project.

2. High-quality fence

Reputed contractors have been in the industry for years and that allows them to streamline their projects and develop strategies to offer high-quality services without breaking the bank. That’s why reputed contractors are confident in their work and offer a warranty period for their fence work. Depending on the type of fence they build, reputed contractors would offer you anywhere from 2 years of guarantee to a decade.

This gives you peace of mind about the quality of the project. If something goes wrong within those years and it holds up to the terms of the guarantee, you’ll get your fence repaired for free. On the other hand, if you outsource the project to amateurs or try to do it yourself, the fence may not be built properly.

It may lean in one direction, have a weak foundation, and may not have the proper coating for weather protection. That means you’ll end up spending a lot more money on frequent repairs and maintenance and in the worst-case scenario you’ll end up building the fence all over again.

3. You get valuable advice

You may have the perfect fence in mind and if you ask a contractor to build one, they would do it for a price. However, a reputed contractor who has been in the industry for a long term will have a different approach. They will advise you about different types of fences for your property. While you may have something in mind, they always need to update themselves on the latest fence materials, technology, and changing standards of the industry.

They would be able to recommend a better alternative and may advise you on better layouts or designs for your project. A contractor who is new to the industry won’t take the time and effort to go through the extra effort. Moreover, reputed contractors have your best interests in mind even if they have to sacrifice a bit of profit in the short term. That means the contractor would advise you on something cheaper or different if it doesn’t suit your needs.

For instance, if you want to build a beautiful redwood fence or a steel fence, but live in a coastal region, a reputed fence contractor would advise you against it despite having the opportunity to make more money. Steel and wood require frequent maintenance from sand, sun, and salt in coastal regions and that’s why vinyl is a better and often cheaper alternative. A reputed contractor thinks in the long-term and builds goodwill so that they can get more recommendations for their stunning service instead of making a few more bucks in the short term.

4. Avoid legal issues

A reputed contractor has extensive experience in dealing with bureaucracy and would handle all the paperwork for you. A local reputed fencing contractor would also know about the local HOA rules along with federal and state rules and can advise you on the changes your fence needs to be approved by those authorities. When you hire a reputed fencing contractor your fence would always be up to code, and you won’t need to be worried about getting heavily fined by the municipality or the HOA.

There’s another thing that sets reputed contractors apart from shady ones. Reputed contractors always hire high-quality labor and get their employees insured and have their backgrounds checked. This means you get high-quality work and don’t need to worry about being sued when a worker gets injured within your property limits.

On the other hand, shady contractors take the shortcut and hire low-skilled employees with questionable backgrounds. They cut corners by exploiting low-skilled immigrant workers and paying them lower wages. Otherwise, they skimp on licenses. While a license isn’t always required for fence work, it shows that the contractor sticks to industry standards and is a mark of quality.

Moreover, if they cut corners by hiring people without background checks and not getting insurance for them, you get hurt. You’ll be responsible for compensating workers when they get injured on their property and may even have your stuff stolen by individuals with questionable backgrounds. That’s why it’s important to pay the premium and hire reputed fencing contractors.


When you hire a reputable fencing contractor, you save yourself a lot of trouble. There’s no need to worry about paperwork, insurance, and technical difficulties at work. There are certain fences that require heavy equipment and can’t be constructed without technical know-how. To hire a reputable fencing contractor, you can search for a “fencing company near me”.

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