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Shower to tub conversion: Why is it a good idea?

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With a bathroom shower-to-tub transformation from Bath Planet of SWFL, you may enjoy long, peaceful soaks inside your bathtub. Switching from a standing shower to a freestanding tub or shower-tub combo is an inexpensive method to enhance the bathroom’s appearance and functionality while raising the worth of your house.

Having no shower or bathtub in a new house can be possible. But that is okay, and it allows you to work with Bath Planet and make it your space with your unique style. They’ll work with you to design a practical bathroom tub, no matter your circumstances.

An emerging trend in modern bathrooms is walk-in showers. Some house owners convert existing tubs into a walk-in version because they love this feature. However, the opposite is also possible, although it is less often.  We’ll list the benefits of converting your shower into a bathtub. Among our favourite justifications for getting shower to tub – Bath Planet of SWFL.

Mobility requirements: As we age, our bodies alter. Your ability to move around is less than your age. The thought of taking a shower while standing upright for a half-hour is becoming intimidating. Your bathtub modification will assist in making going for a bath less stressful and more joyful by considering your mobility issues.

Easy to Unwind: A lengthy, soaking dip in a bathtub is quite soothing. Warm water may relax you as it eases the muscles and legs; it’s especially useful for those suffering from arthritis.

Bathing kids in a tub is simpler: You could require a whole bathtub for washing your kids. It makes sense that you have at least one big bath in your house to optimize the value of its resale and include a bathtub for the whole family’s requirements.

You intend to age in place: If you want to age in place and have an older relative living with you as well, bathtubs are a wise investment. Particularly pleasant bathing while seated is made possible by walk-in tubs. It’s perfect for anyone with mobility challenges or who needs help to enter a traditional shower cubicle. Bath Planet has a wide range of bathtub designs constructed from good quality material which does not collect water stains.

Bathtubs have medicinal properties: In addition to typical difficulties, they are also helpful for severe medical conditions where doctors firmly instruct patients to utilize a container filled with warm water since, at the night of a working day, warm water treatment is exactly what a person living with arthritis requires.

They can also obtain a hot water stream in their showers, but the difficulties in relaxing in the shower make it disagreeable. Warm water treatment, thus, cannot function in the same manner. Along with cleansing, taking a warm bath in a bathtub has the added benefit of providing therapy for pain in the muscles, joint discomfort, and other illnesses.

Design aesthetic: Walk-in showers offer excellent modern designs. However, a bathtub can be a better option if you like a more traditional appearance. For instance, a home decorated in the country or Victorian style would not seem right with a walk-in shower. You may choose from various tubs, including drop-in bathtubs and antique clawfoot tubs. Quite simply, the variety of tub designs increases your possibilities.


These are just some of the benefits because bathtubs come with a lot of other benefits. This post was just to give you a head start about why you should consider bathtubs over showers. Although showers have their own property, many people prefer to have that in their bathrooms. If you are that person, it is totally okay because it is your choice after all. We hope you enjoyed this post and will come back for more.

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