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Important Contacts You Should Have At Your Workplace

Important Contacts You Should Have At Your Workplace


We don’t normally consider the workplace to be hazardous, especially when it comes to the typical 9-to-5 office job. Because of this, many employers do not force employers to provide emergency contact information.

Still, given that we spend so much of our time working and often in a stressful atmosphere, it may be time to rethink this habit. Accidents and medical catastrophes occur significantly more frequently in the workplace than we may believe.

Believing it as one of the most important factors, here is a list of all the important contacts that you should have at not just your workplace, but also for a smooth life at your home:

Gas plumbers:

Another important contact is the gas plumbing company. You must be aware of the havoc a small gas leak can cause at your house, or your place of work. Opt for one of the best gas heater services at Joondalup and contact them as soon as you feel like an emergency. Never let a gas leak once, go like nothing. You never know when can it repeat in the future and blast your house off!

Emergency contacts:

Not to sound too cliche but this should be taken very seriously as to contacts that you should have on your phone. These emergency contacts involve the police, ambulance, and fire, and national emergency services numbers. You need to ensure that you and everyone at your house have these contacts saved no matter what!

Poison control:

Poison control services have to date, saved a lot of money to the national companies and health facilities just by being their right at the required moment. Make sure you have the contact saved or, have it right on your fridge to be contacted whenever required.

A local and trustworthy locksmith:

A qualified locksmith can get you out of a jam in a matter of minutes—and at a reasonable price. To avoid having to call an unreliable (and unnecessarily expensive) locksmith in an emergency, keep a professional locksmith’s phone number in your phone at all times.

Animal control:

Stray animals can easily become a nuisance in the community. Have the phone number for your local Animal Control handy to report anything from a raccoon sighting to a runaway dog or cat.

Your family doctor:

While it may seem obvious, make sure you have your doctor’s direct phone number saved in your phone in case of an emergency. If you don’t have your doctor’s personal phone number available, make sure you have their office number.

Roadside assistance:

Nothing is more frustrating than being stranded on the side of the road with a car that has broken down. Always have a contact for roadside help on your phone, whether it’s your AAA number or the direct line to a reputable tow truck firm.

Electricity department:

Have you ever attempted looking for a phone number during a power outage? It’s clear that it’s neither simple nor enjoyable. In the event of a power outage, save time and battery life by dialing your local power company’s number.

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