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How to prepare your garden in spring?

garden in spring


The beautiful days are looming on the horizon and the desire to return to the garden as well. Cleaning, mowing, pruning, landscaping… so many actions that will allow you to quietly prepare your garden for spring. How to clean the garden? What preparations for the beautiful season? Here are SUEZ’s tips for preparing your garden in spring!


The passing of winter often leaves traces in the garden: frost lifts the soil around the plants, the leaves fall, and some roots do not survive the extreme temperatures. To leave the cold period behind you and start spring with all the chances of thriving your garden, a good cleaning is necessary.

Start by gathering the dead leaves with a rake to see more clearly. If any of your plants appear dead, check the condition of the roots. If nothing is to be saved, throw them away. If there are any living roots, try to start the plant again with a good size, without touching the roots.

As for trees and shrubs, clean up by removing broken or damaged branches . For fruit trees, wait until the very end of winter before pruning them, in order to encourage good fruiting. Roses and vines-type plants can also be cut a little, to promote young shoots.

Finally, if you have a vegetable garden, you can make room for the next sowing. Do a digging and manual weeding , to prepare your next cultivation plans. If the cold days drag on, you can cover the ground to prevent the weeds from returning, with boxes and wedges for example.


If you want an opulent garden and vegetable patch in summer, you can start by arranging them as early as March. If your garden has sheltered and sunny areas, you can already install bare rooted plants . To further secure these plantings, do not hesitate to mulch the soil around the plants. Summer bulbs, on the other hand, can be placed in tubs of fine soil or sand in full light, to begin to establish and grow gently.

If you want to create a lawn on your land, you can now delimit your area and plow the soil so that it is in perfect condition before receiving the seeds. Do not hesitate to enrich your soil with homemade compost: a solution that is both ecological and economical! As for the vegetable garden, the same approach: clean the soil and start enriching them according to the plantations you want to install there.

Finally, the arrival of spring is also the perfect time to install a new hedge in your garden , ideal for structuring the space or hiding from prying eyes.


If gardening is the pleasure of mid-season periods, the management of green waste can sometimes create a shadow ! Collecting dead leaves, mowing the lawn, trimming trees and shrubs can quickly create a pile of bulky waste that is difficult to handle. Without having a suitable vehicle and arms to move everything, managing green waste can quickly become a real headache.

Fortunately, there are home pickup services for green waste collection. In particular, you can get information from your town hall: some municipalities offer weekly or monthly green waste collection, or a collection service on demand. If you have a low volume of green waste, you can also use it to make compost.

For municipalities that do not have a collection service, SUEZ offers a quick and practical solution for collecting green waste . On our site, you can order in a few clicks the provision of a 15 m3 dumpster for green waste . We deliver it to your home on the date of your choice, you fill the dumpster at your own pace, before ordering collection on the desired date. For the smallest gardens, we also offer the provision of skips of 7 m3, 30m3 or big bags of 1 m3.

Once the containers have been collected, SUEZ ensures the transport of the waste to a specialized channel for its recovery. By using our services, you will benefit from a quick and convenient collection that respects the environment!

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