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How to know if you are living in a luxury apartment?

luxury apartment


As the urban world is on a rise, people are looking for luxury in the city. But many do think that luxury comes only upon the lawns of a villa or a bungalow. However, this is not true. Considering the lean of Indians towards luxury, there have been apartments that are providing the same. Take Radvi for example – . It not only provides luxurious apartments and villas but also renovation services – .

However, one must know that with good rises evil along. There have been scammers selling normal apartments in the name of luxury. So, how do you know if your apartment is luxurious?

How to know if your apartment is a luxury apartment?

From far you might look at a high-rise and say that it is an apartment, but to know if it is luxurious you have to enter the dorm. Luxury is not something that comes with gold and glitters. Modern-day technology has changed the definition of luxury. Here is what a modern-day luxurious apartment should look like!

The price of an apartment matters!

You would easily be able to make a guess if an apartment is a regular one or a luxurious one just by hearing the prices. The minimum price of luxurious apartments starts where the maximum price of a regular one ends. You may get a luxurious apartment anywhere from 1.5 Crores to no so-called maximum bar.

Furthermore, the area would differ too. A luxurious apartment would be anywhere from 1500 sqft to 10000 sqft.

When it comes to the height of an apartment, a luxurious apartment holds a floor-to-ceiling height of around 12 feet.

The facilities they provide!

When it comes to amenities, luxury apartments usually do provide swimming pool facilities. Depending on the price range, some luxurious apartments provide a common swimming pool for the whole tower, some provide singles for each floor, and some provide individual swimming pools. You will also get renovation services to help you live peacefully – .

Furthermore, luxurious apartments go a step further and provide different types of sports lawns. For example, you might find a basketball court, lawn tennis court, etc.

Considering the way millennials have been starting to lean towards the gym, luxury apartments now make arrangements for the same. Higher quality equipment gets used and a trainer usually stays there. While in normal apartments there stay no facility for the gyms. You will have to go out and look for one unless you like in a mixed-development community.

They generally have a roof-top swimming pool installed to let you enjoy that fine sunny day in the winter’s chill or a soothing vernal one.

It might have a helipad on top!

If you can afford a luxury apartment, chances are that you would be using choppers too for traveling purposes. This is the reason that most luxurious apartments now provide helipads. However, there could be a case that the apartment is luxurious in every other sense but it does not have a helipad on the roof-top.

High class security and use of automation!

We say it again and again that Home Automation is the latest luxury that one can have. High-end home automation can make you feel like the house is listening to you like a servant and taking care of you like a parent at the same time too. Many top architects in India provide Home Automation like .

High-quality Home Automation systems get used in luxury apartments to provide things like safety and security. Here are a few examples of what a luxury apartment might have in the case of Home Automation.

  • Door locking system to prevent your home from theft and burglary.
  • Fire alarms in case of any detection. Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, Infrared Red detector, etc. get used.
  • Intercom Channels to allow you to call security immediately.
  • Leakage detector and water blocker.
  • It will have voice command control to let you control everything from lights to appliances.

These are a few good examples that set luxury apartments apart from all the other kinds.

They will have high quality inter designing!

You will not get an apartment with walls alone. Luxury apartments usually come pre-designed and with almost everything purchased and placed well. There will be high-quality lighting on place from wall scones to recessed lights to footlights to chandeliers. The very look does feel luxurious. Whereas, rarely will you find any scone or chandeliers on the place in regular apartments. The interiors come preinstalled with high-quality material.

Luxurious Apartments keep a bathroom spa in most cases to let the owner relax when needed. Spa and Jacuzzi are something that evoke in us a sense of luxury at their very sound. We think of high-end luxury apartments where there is comfort alone. You may find a Sauna bath installed inside the dorm, Jacuzzi, luxury bathtubs, etc. preinstalled.

The kitchen will be modular with high-quality lightning installed to let you cook with ease. You might find anything from pendant lights to track lights. There will be all necessary appliances. You might find warming cabinets, cooling cabinets, etc.

A high-end porch ready with occasional furniture and premium lighting to allow you enjoy the sunset with your beloved or alone is something that all high-end luxury apartments provide. You will also get a big balcony where you will be able to plant your desires under the sun.

How to find Luxury Apartments in India?

India is seeing a rise lately in the case of high class luxury apartments and there are cities that are slowly coming up with the trend. Many cities like Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, etc. are having luxury apartments made to provide peace and luxury to many in this noise around. If you are looking for a luxury apartment then walk with caution because scammers might trick you.

Always look for a Real Estate Advisor and then walk the path. There are Real Estate Agencies that provide all the services from architecture to designing, consulting, renovation (, etc. At present, Radvi is serving the nation with grace and expertise – . You might want to go to their website and check out all the services they provide. It is best to get everything done under one roof than deal with different companies at the same time.

Now you know how to identify a luxury apartment, we wish you luxury.

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