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How Custom Home Builders Cater to Empty Nesters


For many years, your family home was a hubbub of kids’ activities, sleepovers, and neighborhood gatherings. But now, with the last of your children having flown the nest, the big family-sized house can feel awfully empty. As an empty nester couple, you may start craving a living space better tailored to this new phase of life. That’s where custom home builders come in, creating abodes perfectly suited for your evolving needs and desires.

Rightsizing for Smarter Living

One of the biggest priorities for empty nesters is “rightsizing” – moving from an oversized, high-maintenance property to a new construction home built for easier, efficient living. With no kids remaining at home, you likely don’t need 4 or 5 bedrooms anymore. Instead, custom builders can craft a smart layout with just the right amount of space to accommodate your lifestyle.

Maybe you envision a single-story ranch-style layout to avoid stairs, or a two-story with the master suite on the main floor. Open concept great rooms allow for comfortable living and entertaining, while eliminating unnecessary square footage.

Tailoring for Changing Priorities

As your priorities shift in this new life stage, so do your housing needs and wants. Perhaps you’re looking to up-size certain spaces like the kitchen for easier hosting and gatherings with friends. Or maybe you’d love an attached guest suite to host visiting kids and grandkids in privacy and comfort.

This is the beauty of going custom; builders work one-on-one with you to nail down your unique wish list. Whatever upgrades and features enhance your modern empty nester lifestyle, skilled builders can make it happen.

Custom builders focused on the empty nester market also prioritize elements that foster safety, security and accessibility. Things like wide doorways, curbless showers, slip-resistant flooring and smart lighting can all be integrated for aging in place long-term.

Rightsized Luxury in Prime Locations

Just because you’re leaving the big family home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury. In fact, many empty nesters use this as an opportunity to finally build their absolute dream custom home, and they can afford to splurge a little on fantastic locations and amenities.

According to the experts at Jamestown Estate Homes, popular spots for empty nester-focused communities include resort-style locales with world-class golf courses, recreation centers and social clubhouses right on site. If you prefer being closer to the city action, you can choose sleek luxury homes in Houston and other major metros across the country.

Personalize for Your Forever Home

Whether building your forever retirement home or simply downsizing for this new life stage, personalization is a key benefit of going custom as an empty nester. You have a blank slate to infuse the home with the look, feel and functionality that resonates most with you and your lifestyle.

Customized storage solutions make the most of your square footage and minimize clutter. Specialty hobby rooms like woodworking shops or art studios nurture favorite pastimes. Adaptable suites to accommodate future needs like live-in care or multigenerational living provide fantastic flexibility. And of course, tailor-made amenity spaces like game rooms, wine cellars or home theaters add those coveted “wow” factors and touches of luxury.


With open-minded teamwork between you and the builder, your forever home vision seamlessly becomes a well-crafted reality. The final result is an ideal rightsized living space explicitly tailored for you, ushering in your golden years in impeccable, personalized style.

Custom home builders present amazing opportunities for empty nesters seeking rightsized luxury optimized for this new chapter. With their design expertise and your unique needs united, you can craft a dream forever home ideally suited for the lifestyle you’ve earned.

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