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How are pest control operators chosen by individuals in 2021

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Finding mice in your kitchen, bedbugs in your bedroom or even termites in your walls can be quite a stressful experience for individuals. Many demand that the problem be eliminated immediately. However, most pest problems can wait a few days, so they will take the time to choose a competent, reasonably priced company with well-trained staff that meets their standards and requirements. Decryption to meet the expectations of your customers

The criteria used to choose a pest control operator

Very often, individuals do not need to choose a pest control or pest control since most pest infestations can be avoided by preventative measures, such as proper hygiene and home maintenance. But sometimes the individual will need the services of a professional.

There are nearly 5,000 pest control companies in France . Certain rat control , pest control and disinfection companies only have one person with a van. Others have hundreds of technicians. Thus, as for any other service, pest control companies will be selected according to their own standards and requirements in terms of quality, costs, skills, etc.

The search for a qualified and trustworthy pest or insect killer

Check the validity of your certification

A pest control professional must have his Certibiocide to handle and apply biocides. Improperly used biocidal products can have harmful effects. the CEPA Certified ® is also a guarantee of confidence. This European accreditation guarantees customers that the rat control, disinsection and disinfection company performs its missions according to standardized quality protocols.

Highlight your training

The training of pest control company   professionals offers the best guarantee to customers. Indeed, the technician and the salesperson must be sufficiently competent to answer questions from individuals.

The training of technicians depends on each company. Some hygienist technicians are trained only for termites, others for bedbugs, or even hornets, or even several specialties. It will all depend on the key activities you want to do.

Membership of a professional association

Does the company join a professional association? This is also a guarantee of quality for individuals since these organizations generally certify that pest control companies meet certain standards in their business practices. In France,

Highlight your methods as a pest control operator

The most important thing for the individual is how the pest control company plans to intervene, so that he can project.

In particular, you can explain that an initial inspection is necessary – requiring experience and time – to make a diagnosis and determine the best pest treatment. Only then should you be able to recommend a response plan , as well as alternative options. Promote your integrated pest management approach to appeal to your customers , by explaining to them what it is: it is a method that focuses on the least invasive treatment combined with prevention. You should also provide a list of the chemicals that will be used (if any) and the health risks: All chemicals must be labeled and appear clean and professional. Prepare yourself for all possible requests from your customers: in particular, you must be able to provide the safety data sheet (SDS) and the label for each product used , and possibly a list of biocide-free options, depending on the type and extent of your pest problem. Know that there is no secret formula. All biocidal products must be approved, with a Marketing Authorization (AMM). Product labels contain the list of active ingredients. Your role is also to explain the steps you can take to prevent the problem from reoccurring. The recommendations can be made before, during or after the service: immediate cleaning, maintenance (repair of holes for example) … Finally, you will have to follow up after the treatment to make sure that the problem is solved.

As a hygienist technician, you will also need to provide a report detailing the intervention, necessary follow-up actions and customer recommendations. The report should include and detail the cost of the services.

Customer service: a criterion in choosing a pest control, pest control, disinfection company

Take care of your presentation

When you present yourself to your customers, your overall appearance is important. The van, equipment and products should also convey a sense of professionalism. You must be prepared to discuss low toxicity options in order to reduce environmental risks. You should also: listen to and respond to your customers’ concerns with care and respect, identify the pest , explain the extent of the infestation , provide details about the pest and its behavior, discuss product selection and other details of the pest  treatment and be able to provide preventive advice to avoid a future infestation .

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