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Heat Wave Tips So You Can Chill

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Summer can be a real drag if you are not able to chill out. But do not fret! We have the most useful heat wave tips so you can have the greatest summer ever.

Ceiling fans are a must if it is sweltering outside. Even if you reside in a state that gets cold in the fall and winter months, a ceiling fan can help all year round. There is a tiny switch on the side of ceiling fans that allows you to switch the direction of the fan. Therefore, in the winter, you can circulate warm air up in the winter.

Covering your windows can also make it cooler indoors. Curtains will keep the sunlight out, give you privacy, and reduce the heat in a room. You can hang blinds, then use curtains over the blinds. But not just any curtain will do. Thicker material will keep more heat out. And if you live in a state where it is cold in the winter, the thicker material will keep the cold air out as well.

Next, consider what activities you are doing in the kitchen. If you are using the oven to bake a cake or supper, you may want to reconsider. The oven will heat up a kitchen fast, and may even cause other rooms to get hot. Invest in a crockpot or toaster oven if you can. If you must use this appliance, do so late at night or early in the morning.

Consider what you are wearing if there is a heat wave. Shed as many clothes as you can. A tank top and thin pair of shorts are a lot cooler than a t-shirt and capris.

Popsicles, freezer pops, ice cream cones, snow cones, lemonade, iced coffee, and slushies all make excellent choices when it comes to staying cool.  Keep lots of other foods and beverages in your pantry and fridge as well, such as bottled water, Gatorade, jello or pudding cups, lunch meat, cheese sticks, and stuff for cold salads.

If you do not have an air unit, contemplate going to locations that do. Treat yourself to an iced coffee at an air-conditioned coffee bar. Drive to the library and read a good book. Go to the mall and walk laps around it or just sit and people watch. Get cool foods at the grocery store. Grab the kids and go to a PlayStation. Take your spouse on a movie date.

Think of your furry friends as well. Animals should not have to suffer through a heat wave. If you have cats or dogs, or other pets outside, consider bringing them indoors if you can. If you are not able to, make sure they always have fresh, cool water available for them. If you can spare a fan, have one set up and running so the animal can have air continuously moving.

Speaking of fans, if you are going to be outdoors, consider purchasing a neck fan. These are battery-operated and are sported around the neck to help keep you cooler. If you can not find a neck fan, there are other smaller fans that have strings on them that can be worn around the neck.

A heat wave can make a person miserable. But if you understand how to tolerate one, you do not need to suffer as much. Call Done Right Roofing Inc. in Palm Habor, FL to see how they can help you today.

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