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Handy Discusses the Importance of Cleaning Your Floors

Cleaning Your Floors



According to Handy, most people don’t realize that the flooring of any property is one of the most high-touch surfaces and gets contaminated pretty easily. That’s why maintaining a regular floor cleaning routine is essential if you want to ensure a clean and tidy indoor space. Plus, it also helps to limit the spread of germs, harmful microorganisms, allergens, toxic materials, and more inside your house and helps to keep your family members and guests safe.

The Importance

Here are a few reasons why it is important to clean your floors:

1. It helps to create a healthy indoor environment –

According to the EPA, dust, pollutants, harmful microorganisms, and even toxic substances can get stuck to your outdoor shoes and clothing and can be carried into your house. Ultimately, these contaminants settle on various surfaces inside the house, including the flooring since it is a high-contact surface.

Thus, even when it’s not visible to the naked eye, the floors of your house are filled with germs, pet fur, allergens, and dust. And it is important to vacuum, mop, disinfect, and sanitize the floors of your house regularly to prevent the spread of germs and pollutants through the space that can spread diseases and illnesses.

2. It helps to improve air quality

The pollutants and germs present on contaminated flooring can get stirred and dispersed in the air as people walk on it or move equipment through the area. When allergens such as pet fur, dust, pollen, and more present on the floor stir up inside your house, it can irritate your nasal lining and lungs, especially in people who are very sensitive.

This can reduce your well-being and even decrease your work performance. Sure, you can use air purifiers inside your house to maintain good air quality but cleaning the floors of your house regularly is equally effective since regular floor cleaning and sanitization can help to prevent runny noses and watery eyes.

3. It reduces the risk of accidents

If you don’t clean and dry the floors of your house every day, it can become a tripping hazard since people can slip on slippery floors and suffer from injuries. If you have too many small objects scattered around your household such as toys, small items, and accessories, people can trip over them too if they are not careful.

Maintaining a regular floor cleaning routine helps to keep your floor clean and allows you to notice problems such as leaks, spills, floor aging, tripping hazards, and more. 

4. It helps to create a stunning first impression

Nobody likes to walk into a house that has untidy and messy floors that look dirty or smell awful. It creates a nasty impression for your guests and even clients if you run a business. On the other hand, cleaning your floors every day makes them look their best and creates a good impression.


Handy suggests you use the appropriate cleaning solution and tools to clean hardwood floors, carpeted floors, ceramic tiles, and more to prevent any scratches or accidentally damaging their surface. If a regular floor cleaning routine sounds daunting, you can hire professionals to do the job for you.

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