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Everything You Need to Know About a Knock Down Rebuild

Knock Down Rebuild


When buying a new home, you might encounter some listings on the property market that look just way too old to live in. Or, if you already own your home, you might feel that it’s long past time for a change in scenery. Whatever the case may be, a knock down rebuild might be just the perfect option for you if you’re looking to live in a brand-new home.

In this post, we take a look at what a knock down rebuild entails, how to go about such a project and the benefits of such a project.

What is a Knock Down Rebuild?

A knock down rebuild refers to when an existing house is torn down and a new home is built in the exact same location. It is commonly done when a home has sustained some damage over time or if a homeowner simply wants to have a new living environment without moving to a different location. When you start a knock down rebuild project, you’ll eventually get to live in a brand-new house at the exact same location as your old one.

The process of a knock down rebuild can be a complicated one that often begins with getting building permissions from your local council or building authority. Then, after tearing down the existing home, you or your builder will need to design the new home to be built and get approval for this design before you can start building. Hence, it is especially important for you to work with an experienced contractor if you are doing a knock down rebuild.

The Benefits of a Knock Down Rebuild

If you’re considering a knock down rebuild, you might be interested to know what the benefits of it are. Here are some advantages that you can enjoy with such a project:

  • Location: If you like the location of your current house or have found an older house in a neighbourhood that you want to live in, knocking down the house can enable you to live in your preferred location but in a home of your design and choosing.
  • Cost: If you already own the land and the house that you want to tear down, it might be cheaper to just rebuild it than to purchase a brand new home.
  • Control: With a knock down rebuild, you have full control over the features and design of the new home to be built. Thus, you will have a unique opportunity to build your dream custom home from scratch.

Knock Down Rebuild with Australian Heritage Homes

If you’ve decided to pursue a knock down rebuild or simply want to find out more, Australian Heritage Homes is here to help. Our team of experienced builders and property developers has decades of experience in helping long-time and novice homeowners find their dream home.

In addition to knock down rebuild services in Melbourne and the surrounding areas, we also offer a variety of other services including period home building and custom home design and building. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs.

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