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An aesthetic flower bed for the summer



Your objective is to constitute a pretty flower bed in order to obtain beautiful colored flowers all year round. It is quite possible to build an original, innovative and spectacular massif by following a few rules.

What is the first step in the design of the massif?

This massif requires, before its creation, a reflection on the theme to choose. It is true that you can opt for the theme of your choice, colors, season,… In fact, the subject is to be defined according to your tastes, expectations and budget. Then, the moment will come to choose an appropriate place for your future massif. The height of the plants and the type of varieties as well as the selected shades are dependent on the location. You can draw a massif when you have determined the final location. Then, the time will come to start with the materialization of the limits and contours for your massif. Then you will judge the curves and you can then correct the layout according to your tastes. You can then transfer your diagram to a grid plan. Then, the calculation of planting areas and densities is to be carried out.

How to prepare the soil for planting?

The second step is to prepare the ground for your next flower bed. You can then carry out the false sowing 8 weeks before planting. You can then remove the weeds, and you will have to dig and remove the large stones. Then, think about enriching the soil, using homemade compost or potting soil, a very interesting organic matter. Then you will have to strip and recycle your old lawn.

How to plant the flowers?

When you have prepared the soil well beforehand, you can start planting all of your plants. Thus, you will be able to amend and clean the soil, it will be necessary not to compact the earth too much. Then it is necessary to water the flowers that are waiting for planting. Then, the installation of the plants in the ground can be carried out by creating associations according to the planting densities to be respected and the groups. In the background, you are not forbidden to create a little fantasy by varying the plants. For example, you can position a stained-glass plant in the front.

What maintenance for my flower bed?

Your bed will then need to be structured and a minimum of maintenance to brighten up your garden. Plant colorful perennials like dipladenia . The end result is dependent on the prior selection of plants and their arrangement. The appearance of the beds will be linked to the cleaning provided throughout the seasons. You will have little work ahead. In spring, cleaning is to be carried out, in particular at the end of winter and outside the frost period. The perennials require a cleaning operation to give them an aesthetic form. It must be said that this size has the advantage of stimulating the branching of all the stems.

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