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8 Ways Your Smart Home Can Save Energy in 2023

Home Can Save Energy


Can a smart home save on energy costs?

If you want to save money during the cost of living crisis and beyond, you may be looking to reduce energy usage and ‘go green’. With smart home automation, integrated systems work together to minimise waste, ensuring you don’t pay out more than you have to. So here are eight ways your smart home can save energy in 2023.

1. Smart thermostats

When temperatures plummet, leaving the heating off might not be an option. But with smart thermostats, you can ensure the boiler stays off when you’re not at home and program it to come on just before you get back to minimise fuel costs. Going to be out longer than you thought? Then change the settings via your mobile device.

2. Cooling systems

You don’t want the air conditioning to be pumping full blast when you’re not at home. Take control of your energy usage with integrated cooling and heating systems installed by a home automation specialist in Kent. Motion sensors can also be used to detect if anyone is home and the settings will be adjusted automatically.

2. Smart light bulbs

Smart light bulbs connect with your WiFi network and can be controlled via an app. They can be dimmed, turned on and off, and programmed according to your lighting needs. If you accidentally leave the lights on, they can be turned off remotely to reduce electricity wastage.

3. Integrated lighting control

Smart home integration allows you to create beautiful lighting scenes in your home and manage the environment of each room. From single reading lights to dimmed lighting for movies, there’s no need to use super bright lights when you don’t have to. Home automation installers in Kent will create the perfect lighting set-up for each room – complete with timers and controls – so you can enjoy optimum illumination without overspending on energy.

4. Window systems

Smart window treatments such as automatic blinds can help control the temperature of your property. If it’s really hot outside, simply program the blinds to close, minimising heat exposure and reducing the need for your home cooling system to switch on.

5. Smart plugs

Are you guilty of leaving your appliances on standby mode? If so, you’re wasting energy unnecessarily. With a smart plug, you can switch appliances off at the wall with just a quick tap of the app meaning you won’t have to wiggle your hand awkwardly behind TV stands or sofas.

6. Smart sprinkler systems

Watering the lawn during a downpour because you forgot to turn the sprinklers off is a big waste of energy. Smart sprinkler systems use automatic irrigation that responds to the weather forecast. If rain is due, your system will let nature do its thing, saving water and allowing your plants to thrive.

7. Smart appliances

Smart appliances are designed to make our lives easier. They can also save us money. Leave your fridge door open, for instance, and you’ll get a notification to your phone. Smart washing machines will also use the right amount of water and energy for a specific load. You can also check how much energy your machine is using in real-time to keep a close eye on finances.

Enjoy the money-saving benefits of smart home integration and make your home as eco-friendly as possible.

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