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6 Great Ways of Updating Cabinets in Your Kitchen

Updating Cabinets in Your Kitchen


Among the daunting tasks of kitchen remodel is taking a stab at trying to rework the cabinets. You will not only deal with a lot of paint but pick the right hardware.

Always look for simple fixes for renovation woes, like picking beautiful cabinet pulls and gutting your kitchen cabinets completely.

Whether you’re hunting for cabinetry, which gives your kitchen a modern appearance or just wants to evoke the farmhouse style and décor, the following are ways you can consider to redo your cabinets:

1. Reconfigure Kitchen’s Layout

Moving the existing cabinets around will help to get a whole new look. Common reconfiguration ideas may include re-hanging the upper cabinets, removing the doors, converting them into open shelving, and adding smaller cabinets. In all situations, the key goal is to improve both functionality and appearance.

2.Remove the Drawers and Doors

Strip down your cabinets before you put them up. Normally, cabinets come already installed with the doors and drawers attached.

While it may seem counterproductive to take them off, it may make your cabinets lighter, more available to screw, and easier to handle. Just ensure you mark every door and drawer to match the original cabinets they were attached to.

3. Paint the Cabinet

Your cavelike kitchen can feel this way since dark cabinets have sucked the light out of the space. However, brighter makeovers don’t just mean replacing gloomy boxes with new ones.

Provided the doors and frames are structurally sound, experts at Kitchen & Bath suggests that you may clean and brush them up on a fresh coat of paint, and on weekends, take the entire space from dreary to sunny.

4.Remember the Hinges

Although hardware might be all about updating your style, it’s important to think of practicality when improving your kitchen.

Always go for slow-close hinges. It will prevent the cabinet doors from slamming and prolong the life of cabinets, all thanks to less wear and tear.

5. Add Height

If the cabinets don’t go all the way to your ceiling, consider closing off the space above.

You can achieve this by using pieces of wood, which are painted to match cabinets. You may also be as decorative as you wish by adding trim.

If you need space you may use, you can as well invest in a thin cabinet, which fits in the space and paint the cabinetry so as to match.

6. Update the Hardware

Upgrading the hardware or faucets of your cabinets will make a great impact with little investment of money and time.

You may opt for a sleek and black polished chrome or use brass and consider going for a bold mixed metal statement, even when you have a stainless steel appliance.

In a Nutshell!

A modern kitchen can feel like a puzzle filled with fixable pieces. Rugs may hide unsightly floors, while shiny accessories may distract from a dingy countertop.

However, cabinets normally pose a great challenge. A dull finish and missing hardware can make the entire kitchen feel stuck in the past.

Plus, the longer you take to update them, the more they are likely to turn into something you cannot stand.

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