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5 Wall Colour Combinations to Watch Out for in 2024

Watch Out for in 2024


The colour palette for 2024 is as diverse and rich as it can get. From airy pale blues, pale yellow, and peach to deep hues like chocolate brown and charcoal black, there is something for every type of interior design enthusiast out there. Wall colour combinations are a great way to spice up your home decor and add some drama and personality to your living space.

Looking for wall colour combinations to try this year? You have stumbled upon the right blog. In this article, we will share the 5 gorgeous wall colour combinations that will make your walls a subject of envy amongst your social circle.

Not only that, we will introduce you to the beautiful world of Asian emulsion paints and Asian Paints distemper paints which will help you adorn your walls in a way that they best reflect your story.

1. Butter Yellow and Ivory

Want your home to be the epitome of optimism and joy? Butter yellow and ivory walls will do the job for you. This colour combination will instantly make your living space appear airy, refreshing and warm.

The best part about this colour combination is that it is versatile and you can use it in almost all rooms, from your bedroom, guest bedroom, and dining room to your living room, kitchen and bathroom.

2. Peach and White

Homeowners who want a splash of fun and excitement must consider going for this rejuvenating wall colour combination. While peach brings a sense of adventure and enthusiasm into your abode, white adds a touch of tranquillity and relaxation to your room.

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3. Chocolate Brown and Light Beige

Feeling bold? People who are looking for a statement wall colour combination this year must consider this stunning wall colour combination. While chocolate brown makes a room appear intimate, chic and cosy, light beige radiates grounding energy into your space.

This wall colour combination is a perfect choice for people who have contemporary, mid-century modern, farmhouse, vintage, maximalist, bohemian and minimalist-themed houses.

4. Charcoal Black and White

Another statement colour combination that you can introduce to your space this year is charcoal black and white. Sceptical about integrating black into your home? You can start small by painting a feature wall in charcoal black and applying white to the rest of the walls in a room.

From your home study, and guest bedroom to your bedroom, hallway and powder room, you can use this rich colour combination for different rooms in your home.

5. Honey Beige and Mountain Sage

Are you a lover of sage? We recommend that you check out the mountain sage and honey beige colour combination. This wall colour combination is perfect for people who want to bring the outdoors inside.

Honey beige and mountain sage wall colour combination will make your room emit an earthy, rustic and grounding vibe. People who have bohemian, minimalist, cabin style, colonial-themed and modern ranch-style houses must consider this wall colour combination in 2024.

The Takeaway

Why paint your walls in a single hue when you can go for gorgeous two-colour wall combinations that will make your space scream elegance and sophistication? Not sure which two-colour combination will suit your existing home decor?

Fret not, we are here to help you pick hues that you’ll never regret using for your abode. Get in touch with the folks of AapkaPainter today and let them help you choose a colour palette that is trendy yet timeless. You can now choose from their well-curated range of Asian emulsion paints and Asian Paints distemper paints.

Note that besides colour consultancy, AapkaPainter professionals offer a wide array of home renovation services like waterproofing, tile grouting, interior and exterior wall painting, wood painting, etc.

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