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5 Most Deceptive and Affordable Findings to make your Kitchen Table a Piece of Art

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Food has always been the pure form of art and this is exactly what we expect from your kitchen table. We all grew up seeing our mothers placing a basket full of apples or oranges on the table but that time has gone for good. Now your tables require a touch of art just like the vibe your food passes. To upgrade your table’s look you don’t necessarily have to break the bank. You can simply buy a reasonable tray and use it as a décor prop or use some fancy candles to give it a lovely vibe. There are so many possibilities but not every falls in the criteria set by the elegant kitchens so we have compiled a list of 5 such products that will give your table a unique artistic look enough to get your instant approval. To further feel happy, you can always use danube home promo code offered by coupon for Bahraini shoppers to save.Below you can find our 5 best picks.

Von Shelf Serving Cheese Slate Tapas Tray:

This blackish gray cheese plate is as perfect as it can get. It can be placed anywhere in your kitchen and we are sure this is what your guests will notice right after entering. It has golden handles and features shape of a hexagon. This combination of dark slate and brushed golden will add dense amount of class to your kitchen.

Living Luxury Hand Carved Artist Bowl:

Thinking of buying your kitchen table an artistic gift? We have some suggestion. This hand carved bowl has rectangular shape which makes it perfect to add large servings. It has woodsy charm added in each inch of it. It can be placed right next to your candle holders or in the middle of your kitchen table by adding few welcoming sweets.

Min Stays All Purpose Cooler Glass Set:

Buying a high quality glass set is a need. Your kitchen can not survive with few so this one is perfect as it has thick grip and will not break easily. It is dishwasher safe so it’s a win-win. Every Bahraini can get these without breaking the bank as use of danube home promo code sourced from coupon is your savior.

Gold Miror 20-Pieces Silver Smith Set:

Who knew a simple set of flat-wares can be this classy? Well, we never knew before seeing this shiny one. It certainly raises the bar through its 20 stain-less steel pieces that not only look fancy but also stay same for years. You might not need a silver spoon to eat good food but this one will surely make the food taste many times better.

Jadeite 9 inches X Glass Stand Platter:

A traditional and yet attention- getter platter stand is need of every kitchen table and this one will not let you look any further. You can place your cakes, pie and dinner desserts on it. This can also be center piece of your table. It is available on discount if used Danube home promo code given at coupon on the purchase.

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