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4 Ways To Divert Water From Your House

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It is said that water can find its way even from the tiniest crack. If water enters your house or foundation, it can give rise to a number of problems. The weakening of the structural foundation is one of the major reasons to keep water diverted from your house. Even you will enjoy residing there if the area near your house is not flooded. One of the best ways to divert water from your house is to look for a swale drain at EARTHLOK. Let us now discuss some other ways to divert water from your house.

1. Clean Gutters:

To get rid of rainwater, there is a network of gutters running along with our houses. With the passage of time, atmospheric dust and organic materials get deposited in these gutters. When these gutters are not cleaned for a long time, they block the water. This causes blockage and accumulation of water. Therefore, it is suggested to get your gutters cleaned before the season of rain. Apart from that, appropriate gutter covers can also be installed to not allow particles from entering the same. Regular sweeping or cleaning of land around the gutters can also minimize the amount of garbage entering the gutter,

2. Use Slopes:

Water can be made to flow in a particular direction using slopes or steps. While getting your house designed, you must also ensure that slopes in outdoor areas are defined and designed such that it clears the rainwater. To prevent your home from water, it should be placed at a higher level. Ramps or steps can be used to introduce a plinth to your house that will divert the water. All the slopes running around your house can finally conclude into the main gutter to avoid the accumulation of water.

2. Plantations:

Do you want to get rid of small water patches that are formed near or around your house? Then you must have plantations in that particular area. The soil will then have a tendency to absorb a greater amount of water. This will not only give you a better appearance but will also prevent water clogging. Small plants, as well as trees, can be used to divert water from your house. Apart from plantations, you can opt for different types of landscape options that will improve the aesthetics of your house while diverting water from your house.

4. Waterproofing:

Once you have managed to divert groundwater away from your house, the task is not over. You also need to ensure that water does not enter the house from different surfaces. While getting it painted, make sure you add a layer of waterproofing. It is done using a mixture of different chemicals and is easily available in the market. This thin layer of waterproofing on your walls, as well as the roof, will ensure that water does not enter or degrade the structure of your house. Waterproofing is a one-time investment that will help you divert water from your house.

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